Stop paying for soil!

I recently found out that farmers are spending an obscene amount of money to have “new” soil shipped in each season. They spoke to me of greenhouse farmers in the mountains in a land distant from me (about 1500 miles) who pay to have this so-called “new” soil hauled in after EACH harvest. I want to take this time to request that you stop paying for soil. 

This is so unnecessary. Consider the source of your soil. Do you know where it comes from? Competitor organisms can be on standby to wreak havoc on your crops. If you have ever come face to face with root rot or powdery mildew… you understand some serious struggle. What you may not realize is that the organisms responsible for this may already be present. 

Let me say it again. Stop paying for soil! Not only is it crazy expensive but a potential danger to your crops. There is a much better way to get the soil your plants are craving. It can be generated onsite and also be provided with the extra protection you need to ensure your crops’ safety. We follow nature’s example in soil generation and call on the assistance of fungi. 

Decomposing fungi is what’s missing in the production of soil. Old school soil producers have a first come first serve policy for decomposing organisms. This is risky because you never what the dominant fungus is going to be. When we show up to generate soil onsite we have a species of fungi picked out. Then we make sure that it is the dominant species breaking down the dead organic material. 

Do you see the light?

Using the selective fungi method for soil generation you can be confident in the results. The fungus will only feed on dead organic material without harming living plants. The fungus will protect against other competitor organisms keeping plants safe from infection. The soil will be colonized with healthy mycelium that protects from erosion and compaction. It is the next generation of soil production. It’s safer, more efficient, and less expensive than the grandfather alternative. So what are you going to do about it?