Turkey Tail Liquid Culture – Syringe


Turkey Tail Liquid Culture

The Turkey Tail Mushroom Culture! Considered a must-have by the Organic Galaxy staff. It is a versatile and adaptable species. It’s fun to cultivate and especially useful to have in your arsenal if you are planning on saving the world.

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Turkey Tail Liquid Culture


Oh Yeah! The Turkey Tail Liquid Culture. For the experienced cultivator, I can probably stop right there. Turkey Tail mushrooms are highly adaptable. They can even be found growing in the wintertime when It’s too cold for other mushrooms.

Turkey tail mushrooms are a powerhouse when it comes to remediation. They’ve shown a lot of promise of alleviating areas that have accumulated toxic heavy metals. One of my favorite uses is its ability to develop new soil deposits. Turkey tails do very at well at decomposing fallen wood and reducing it to pulp material.

There are also articles that point out turkey tails immuno-boosting abilities. Organic Galaxy can’t make any health claims but click here to find out more about turkey tails.

Turkey Tail mycelium is incredibly aggressive. When cultivating this species it’s impressive to watch just how fast this species will colonize a dish or take over a substrate. You will witness as to why this mushroom is an amazing guardian of our forests just by witnessing the cultivation process.

Turkey tail mushrooms aren’t considered an edible species because of how tough the mushrooms are. They aren’t able to be chewed unless you’re some kind of savage. People who partake of Turkey tail mushrooms usually brew tea or make their own tinctures.

Fun Fact


We have collected and cloned several strains of Turkey Tail Mushrooms over the years. We have always been amused at the different colors that these mushrooms present themselves. Black, white, blue, yellow, grey, etc.

We were so eager to capture these colors so we could cultivate them. Each time we successfully cloned a mushroom with the colors we were looking for the ones we produced were always black and white. We were extremely puzzled by this and came to the conclusion that minerals present in the wood may have contributed to the brilliant colors Turkey Tails can sometimes have.



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