Mushroom Culture Breeding Service


Get your own signature strains.

  • Unique strains you can label under your brand.
  • Bred specifically for you, only you can make it available.
  • Stand apart from the redundant stock cultures.

Let us breed the genetics your business deserves.

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Mushroom Culture Breeding Service

Get an edge over the competition with our Mushroom Culture Breeding Service. This is a breeding service where we produce and isolate new strains of fungi.

This is an opportunity to bring something new to the mushroom culture market. Mushroom Cultures are constantly being recycled and recirculated, but you can stand out.

It’s no secret that vendors buy cultures from other vendors. They multiply those cultures and put them back into circulation. This leads to many brands offering the same strains that are relabeled over and over again.

Now with our private label service, you can offer new strains that you can name and are free to label under your brand. You won’t be just relabeling another strain offered by hundreds of other vendors.

The best part is you will have full rights to the strain. When we breed you a new strain you are the only one who will receive that particular strain. The only way others will have access to it is if you offer it to them.

How it works

It starts with germinating spores and isolating the many colonies that emerge. After we have isolated colonies and individual strains that are showing strong and aggressive growth we will begin testing.

We will test for fruit size and abundance of yields. The goal is to produce a strain that will colonize substrates quickly and produce large fruitbodies in abundance.

Your strain will come with a certificate of authenticity, information regarding the species, and strain. You will also receive DNA documentation about your strain.

We spend a lot of time and attention on this service. Limited openings are available. The time it takes to produce and isolate new strains is between 6-8 months. So please schedule and prepare accordingly. Times are determined by strain behavior and availability of spores.

If you have your own spores you would like us to use to produce your new strain please let us know.

Please keep in mind that at this time no psychedelic, psilocybin/psilocin producing, or any schedule I narcotic will be produced by Organic Galaxy.



Additional information

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