Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture – Syringe


Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture

The incredible Pearl Oyster. This mushroom is amazing on so many different levels. It’s adaptable, it grows on a variety of substrates and is beginner-friendly. If you are just beginning or an experienced cultivator this is definitely an oyster strain you want in your culture library.


Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture


As far as mushrooms go the Pearl Oyster is one of the most incredible species around. The Pearl Oyster is a delicious gourmet mushroom, known as the guardian of the forest and is by far the easiest to grow. That is why the Pearl Oyster Liquid Culture is ideal for beginners and experienced cultivators.

Pleurotus Ostreatus, commonly known as the Pearl Oyster is a highly adaptable versatile species of mushroom. It is one species that should be in every cultivator’s culture library. Furthermore, the genetics in this strain we are offering beyond amazing.

After successfully cloning this strain in our lab it has been our go-to Pearl Oyster for mushroom cultivation season after season. We are confident that after you try this strain for yourself you will agree. Not only is this species beginner-friendly but the results have you confident in your technique.

This high-yield strain is also perfect for commercial cultivators. This strain grows well on standard sawdust blocks or in bags/buckets of straw. It quickly adapts to different temperatures. Unless the conditions are extreme you should have no problem fruiting these beautiful fruits.

If you’d like this in petri dish form then look here. https://organic-galaxy.com/product/pearl-oyster-mushroom-culture/

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