OG Soil Conditioner


OG Soil Conditioner

It’s Alive! The OG Soil Conditioner is produced with fungi that benefit plants and soil. This is an indoor/outdoor product that can be added to soil, compost, and woodchip piles. If you have any questions about additional materials this product can be added to please feel free to contact us.

Approximately 5 lbs but the weight will vary slightly.

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OG Soil Conditioner with living fungi is formulated for indoor plants. Follow the footsteps of nature when you give your plants the nutrients and protection they deserve. The non-invasive fungi act as a bodyguard keeping harmful fungi and bacteria out so your plants can grow to be healthy.

The fungi in our OG Soil Conditioner also feed on organic debris which is included in the conditioner. As the fungi break down the debris they release nutrients and they are made available to plants.

It’s a simple product with few ingredients and is without added chemicals that cause problems in the long run. It is all-natural made with dead plant matter and mycelium.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 in