Liquid Mushroom Culture Syringe

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Commercial Liquid Cultures

Commercial liquid cultures are favored by many mycologists who prefer their ease of use and shelf life that exceeds petri dish cultures.

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Welcome to the professional-grade Liquid Mushroom Culture Syringe Collection from Organic Galaxy. Our diverse selection of mushroom strains is obtained through a combination of wild cloning, pure culture techniques, and acquisition from high-quality culture collections. We are committed to providing only the highest-quality mushroom cultures to our customers, so you can trust that you’re getting the best product available.

In the production of our Liquid Mushroom Culture Syringe Collection, we employ strict sterile lab techniques to ensure that our cultures are strong and productive. These techniques involve carefully controlling the environment in which the cultures are grown, using sterile equipment and media, and following strict protocols to minimize the risk of contamination. By maintaining these high standards, we are able to produce mushroom cultures that are reliable and robust, making them ideal for a wide range of research and cultivation applications.

In addition to our liquid mushroom culture syringes, we also have cultures available in Petri dishes. These cultures are produced using similar sterile techniques and are suitable for use in various research and cultivation projects. Our wide selection of strains allows you to choose the perfect cultures for your specific needs.

At Organic Galaxy, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality mushroom cultures. That’s why we offer our products at reasonable prices, and why we offer international shipping so that customers around the world can join the Organic Galaxy community.

So why wait? Start exploring the world of fungi today with the help of our reliable and high-quality mushroom cultures. Order yours now and take the first step towards advancing your understanding of these fascinating organisms. Whether you’re a researcher, cultivator, or just someone who is interested in mycology, we have the mushroom cultures that you need to succeed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – place your order now and join the Organic Galaxy community.

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11 reviews for Liquid Mushroom Culture Syringe

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  1. Alan Barker (verified owner)

    OG consistently provides excellent liquid cultures! They’re the one place I keep coming back to so I can keep expanding my library. They always send clean cultures that are vigorous, fast colonizing, and give great fruits! Thank you for your continued excellence!

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  2. Jaime Mierow (verified owner)

    Organic Galaxy is by far the most professional and authentic commercial culture bank that I have come across. Many of the companies that come up first on a Google web search are selling cultures labeled as commercial, but most are not genuine mycologists with your best production in mind.

    The performance I have seen from these cultures is seriously impressive! The vigor is unmatched. With so many variables in cultivation, take the most important first step and buy a quality culture.

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  3. Eric (verified owner)

    I ordered three different Mushroom Culture Syringes, the overall process was easy and shipment arrived very quickly. All three had a lot of mycelium growth in the syringe.

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  4. Julie POWELL ALBRIGHT (verified owner)

    Have had nothing but success with your products. I definitely give you a 10 and tell everyone about your spawn. And to buy from you.
    Julie Powell Albright.
    More Than Morel Mushrooms. LLC

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  5. Jered J. (verified owner)

    Cultures came quickly and are doing *very* well. I can’t wait to to eat some Oysters and Lion’s Manes! Thanks!

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  6. David Caldwell (verified owner)

    Never dissatisfied great supplier.

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  7. Zachay Latimore (verified owner)

    arrived in a reasonable time and so far are growing well

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  8. Samuel S. (verified owner)

    Went above and beyond the call of customer service after discrepancy that was entirely the fault of USPS. All products received as advertised, aggressive and healthy culture.

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  9. David Caldwell (verified owner)

    Very, helpful and responsive. I will be doing business again.

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  10. Stacy

    Not only was i impressed by both Liquid Cultures I received from Organic-Galaxy (lion’s mane and oysters), I am also impressed by the accessibility of insights, prompt shipping, and Tobias in general. I sincerely feel that our transaction was not rooted in money but in purpose. The philosophy that mushrooms are a key to revitalizing the Earth is a very pervasive theme here. The website is well done, the blog is passionate and frequently updated, and Tobias is down to earth (and below- see soil services Cincinnati!). With this expert help I have gone from fascinated to fanatical. I now consider myself a neophyte hobby grower of mushrooms, a lifelong dream. For 9 of nine noncontaminated jars and customer service I give Organic-Galaxy 5 of 5 stars.

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  11. Aaron

    I ordered King Oyster and Pearl Oyster Liquid Cultures. It was promptly shipped and packaged well.
    Both syringes had a pretty good cloud of organism in them. Both took. However, I found the King Oyster to be particularly aggressive. (More than I expected)
    They even took the time to give me some pointers over social media.
    Good fungi strain, good customer relations. All the stars.

    Image #1 from Aaron
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