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Lion’s Mane is the “brain mushroom” used for cognition, focus, and mental clarity. Say goodbye to brain fog! Add powder to coffee, tea, smoothies, or other foods.

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Lion’s mane mushroom has been found to contain compounds that may promote nerve growth and repair, potentially improving memory and cognitive function.


Lion’s Mane is a mushroom for your brain. Used to support cognitive function, mental clarity and mood. Dual extracted for maximum benefit, this powerful mushroom will have your brain firing on all cylinders.


Organic Lion’s Mane Extract (standardized to contain 31% Beta-Glucan)(Hericium erinaceus)(Fruiting Body)


Each tub contains 60 servings of extract powder and a handy little scoop.

Just add one scoop to your coffee, tea, smoothies or other dishes. Take any time of day, with or without a meal.

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