Ganoderma Sessile Culture GSOG-100 Strain


Reishi Mushroom Culture

We have Reishi Mushroom Cultures with excellent genetics. A must-have for any cultivator to have in their culture library. This mushroom has been popular in Asia for hundreds of years and has been often referred to as the “mushroom of immortality”.

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Ganoderma Sessile Culture GSOG-100 Strain


This Ganoderma Sessile Culture GSOG strain is a wild clone found in New Richmond, Ohio. G. Sessile is an American Reishi and cousin to the famous G. Lucidum which is found in Europe and Asia.

This Reishi Mushroom Culture has excellent genetics and is ready to perform. We use this culture for commercial production at our mushroom farm. It produces beautiful fruits with glossy red and yellow hues.

Reishi is a mushroom that has been popular for hundreds of years.

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