Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists

It’s true! Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists. The value of the culture is only backed by the genetics of the strain. If you are growing gourmet mushrooms for profit or food the genetics of the strain determine the size and yield of the fruitbodies.

The most valuable asset of any mycologist or mushroom cultivator is the culture library. So maybe you do have a pretty hefty culture library.

But what is its value? Have you tested all of the cultures? Are you unsure of the quality you are receiving when you order cultures from one of the many faceless online vendors?

When we say Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists, we understand the truth behind it. The quality of our cultures determines the quality of our final product.

Regardless of skillset, you can run your procedures perfectly down to the finest details. You can do everything in your power for optimization but if your cultures don’t have the genetics to perform it’s not going to happen.

This raises the ultimate question. “Who can I trust?” “Which vendors will give me the most bang for my buck?”

Of course, wild cloning and isolating new strains from spore germination is your best bet. But, along the way you are going to want to grow mushrooms that aren’t native to your region. What then?

A New Era For Mushrooms

These are different times. When I first got started there were only a handful of culture banks and you had to pay outrageous prices for a decent culture. At the beginning of my mushroom journey, my culture library only consisted of wild clones and isolated strains from spore germination.

It was difficult for me and time consuming to get a culture library together that I could be proud of and I vowed to make it easier on the next generation of cultivators.

That is why I make my culture library available to the world… customs permitting. The same cultures I use to grow commercially are available to cultivators at affordable prices.

If you find yourself in the market for gourmet mushroom cultures then give us a try. We offer hassle-free customer service with more than one method of contact.

Preparing cultures for mushroom cultivation and other mycology related tasks are what we do. We have nearly 20 years of experience and we want others to benefit from that experience as well.

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