Gourmet Mushrooms. Food and Ecological Heroes

Gourmet mushrooms are delicious, there is no doubt about that. For many people, portabello mushrooms are the only edible mushroom. Only because they have not yet been exposed to the many, many delicious mushrooms that exist. At Organic we love to eat mushrooms, but we also love them for many other reasons. 

Mushrooms are ecological badasses, real heroes of the environment. Step aside Frodo, without mushrooms you probably wouldn’t have a Shire to save. Mushrooms and other fungi not only decompose dead organic matter, but they act as immune systems within the environment. They help filter out toxins and eliminate harmful bacteria. Acting as resident regulators of the ecosystems to sustain life. 

Wait! You’re just joshin’ me, right?

Could it be true? Can mushrooms be the reason for reasons? Absolutely! I may be biased but I am for a reason. All the studying and research I have done in my time points to the fact that with fungi we would not have the chance to exist. One thing I like to bring to the forefront of awareness is mycelium. Mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus. Mushrooms and mycelium are comparable to apples and apple trees. Apples are the reproductive fruit and the tree itself is vegetative. 

Mycelium colonizing a log

Mycelium mostly goes unnoticed in nature. This is because it is hidden growing inside a log or underground in an old tree root. Even though fungi are mostly hidden in nature it’s important to realize that mycelium is everywhere. It permeates soils holding them together and keeping them from compacting. Mycelium colonizes dead organic debris and breaks it down in nutrient-rich humus. Even as water passes through mycelium it filters it catching organic debris, coliform bacteria, toxic heavy metals, and harsh chemicals. 

Gourmet Mushrooms are rockstars!

Gourmet mushrooms are indeed delicious keep in mind they are so much more. They are the gateway species that provide a launchpad for the next generation of life to flourish. Mushrooms and other fungi regulate and keep ecosystems clean and healthy to sustain life. The life that fungi sustains in return sustains us with clean air, fresh fruits, and vegetables, etc. I celebrate fungi everyday because I know without gourmet mushrooms I wouldn’t be here to talk about them. There is a lot more going on than what you can see. I encourage everyone to do their own research and find out just how important mushrooms are to us all. 

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