Commercial Mushroom Spawn

We’ve been making changes to our company and one is offering commercial mushroom spawn and cultures. We think you should know why.

We’ve listened and have heard your requests. We understand 100% that time is the most important thing. Not only in business and work but spending it with those who matter to us.

We have special people in our lives along with activities and events that hold a piece of our hearts. Our time is definitely worth spending where it will bring us joy and happiness. From one mycologist to another we know how time-consuming mushroom cultivation can be.

If growing mushrooms is what you do for a living, we got your back! As we have talked to so many of you on the telephone we have come to realize that some mushroom farmers don’t want to be scientists.

A lot of commercial cultivators have stressed how overwhelming cell culture work can be. Not only is it time-consuming but… there can be a ton of steps involved. It can be quite the hassle for someone who wants to farm mushrooms for a living.

This is exactly why we are setting ourselves up to be the mushroom farmer’s assistant. You shouldn’t have to be a lab geek in order to farm mushrooms for a living.

You do you and we will OG.

Leave all that science to us nerds that look forward to that kind of thing. We will continue to clone the amazing fruits that we find in the forests and germinate spores in search of the ultimate strain. All of this so we can provide you with a product that will allow you to grow mushrooms that are second to none.

Your success is our success. We can’t do it without you which is why we will take it to whole new levels in order to make you the legendary mushroom farmer of your community.

You’ve dedicated your life to growing mushrooms. That is outstanding on so many more levels than just providing a food source. Your spent substrate and compost will be a fantastic remediation tool for the environment. Perhaps you make alternative remedies to help people live healthier lives. you’re helping to offer a healthier, happier living for those around you.

With all this in mind, why are we offering commercial mushroom spawn and cultures to commercial mushroom farmers? We want your success to be our priority.

At Organic Galaxy, we believe that more people need to dedicate their lives to growing mushrooms. So we had thought and agreed that it makes no sense for us to compete with other mushroom farms.

We are here to support you!