Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements

Lions Mane Mushroom Supplements

Enhance Your Nerve and Cognitive Health For centuries, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have recognized the beneficial properties of Lions Mane mushrooms and have utilized them in their treatments. People from all around the world highly value these mushrooms for their unique nutritional profile and medicinal properties. Research has demonstrated that these mushrooms contain compounds […]

Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists

Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists

It’s true! Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists. The value of the culture is only backed by the genetics of the strain. If you are growing gourmet mushrooms for profit or food the genetics of the strain determine the size and yield of the fruitbodies. The most valuable asset of any mycologist or mushroom […]

Liquid Culture vs Spore Syringe

Liquid Culture vs Spore Syringe? What is it with these two? For a seasoned mycologist or cultivator, there really is no question. The culture reigns supreme. But for those starting out this can be a tricky area. It can also be tricky for those with experience. Just because a vendor says it’s a culture, doesn’t […]