Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists

Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists

It’s true! Mushroom Cultures Are the Currency Of Mycologists. The value of the culture is only backed by the genetics of the strain. If you are growing gourmet mushrooms for profit or food the genetics of the strain determine the size and yield of the fruitbodies. The most valuable asset of any mycologist or mushroom […]

Liquid Culture vs Spore Syringe

Liquid Culture vs Spore Syringe? What is it with these two? For a seasoned mycologist or cultivator, there really is no question. The culture reigns supreme. But for those starting out this can be a tricky area. It can also be tricky for those with experience. Just because a vendor says it’s a culture, doesn’t […]

What Are Mushroom Cultures?

It seems there can be some confusion about mushroom cultivation for beginners and those who are finally ready to step away from spores. The golden question amongst beginners is, what are mushroom cultures? This is an important question and if you are seeing the phrase for the first time it can be confusing. Generally, when […]

Gourmet Mushrooms. Food and Ecological Heroes

gourmet mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms are delicious, there is no doubt about that. For many people, portabello mushrooms are the only edible mushroom. Only because they have not yet been exposed to the many, many delicious mushrooms that exist. At Organic we love to eat mushrooms, but we also love them for many other reasons.  Mushrooms are ecological […]