The Importance of Biodiversity for Soil Health

biodiversity soil health

A Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem When it comes to maintaining healthy soil, biodiversity is a crucial aspect that is often overlooked. Biodiversity refers to the variety of different species that inhabit a particular ecosystem, including plants, animals, and microorganisms. In this blog post, we will discuss why biodiversity is important for soil health, […]

How Fungi Improve Soil Health

how fungi improve soil health

Learn how fungi improve soil health which is critical for growing healthy crops and preserving the environment. Human activities, such as industrialization, deforestation, and pesticide overuse, have degraded soils, resulting in soil erosion and desertification. Fungi, on the other hand, offer hope. Fungi play an important role in soil health by decomposing organic matter and […]

The Human-Fungi Partnership:

the human-fungi partnership

Tackling Environmental Issues at the Root Humans have been the main driver of environmental problems that are facing the Earth today. We have been using natural resources at an unprecedented rate and our actions have led to deforestation, pollution, and climate change. These issues have consequences that are not only affecting the natural world but […]

Gourmet Mushrooms. Food and Ecological Heroes

gourmet mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms are delicious, there is no doubt about that. For many people, portabello mushrooms are the only edible mushroom. Only because they have not yet been exposed to the many, many delicious mushrooms that exist. At Organic we love to eat mushrooms, but we also love them for many other reasons.  Mushrooms are ecological […]