About Organic Galaxy

Who is Tobias Lavely?

What started out as a hobby for an animation student in college quickly evolved into a passion that would change the direction of his life. Tobias first started cultivating mushrooms in 2005 in his bedroom while living in a five-person bachelor house.

One mushroom species after the other, Tobias successfully cultivated and harvested mushrooms both native and exotic. Each experience of the cultivation process led him to more questions and new curiosities that opened new doors of discovery.

Tobias founded Organic Galaxy in 2015 with his business partner James. He knuckled down on his culture lab skills because he believed it to be the heartbeat of his operation.

In the beginning, it started as a multispore inoculation technique which eventually led to his expertise in isolating pure culture strains and cloning wild fungi. These skills over the years developed one of the most popular culture collections in the United States.

Before Tobias realized it, the horizon of his experience had expanded beyond the cultivation of mushrooms. He was studying and researching how fungi behaved in the environment. He then developed a deep passion for repairing damaged ecosystems with fungi.

In 2017, Tobias traveled to Washington State where he visited Paul Stamets at Fungi Perfecti. Tobias experienced hands-on the processes utilized by FP in their production lab and the techniques used to apply fungi for bioremediation. Tobias’s visit to FP solidified what he already knew. From this moment on he was confident in his abilities.

Equipped with his deep love for nature and finely tuned mycology skills, Tobias is now using his expertise to make the world a better place. He offers consultancy services, to first-rate cultures, to recurring spawn deliveries. It is Tobias’s mission to make life easier for the modern mycologist.

Tobias’s Achievements Include:

  • Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation. This was the start of it all for Tobias. Originally it was just a curiosity for Tobias and it went on to change the direction of his life.
  • Cloning & Breeding fungal strains. Tobias believes this to be the heartbeat of his operation. Having the right genetics for the job is crucial.
  • Soil Restoration Projects. Tobias has went up against contaminated soils and with the help of his fungal friends. He always been victorious.

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